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Rīga, Latvia (Top places to see) | The Planet V [4K Ultra HD]
Riga, Latvia 🇱🇻 | 4K Drone Footage
Riga Latvia 4K 🇱🇻 Largest City In The Baltic States- Cinematic Drone Footage
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Rīga, Latvia (Top places to see) | The Planet V [4K Ultra HD]

10/9/2021. Riga, the capital of Latvia, is not only the crown jewel of Latvia, but also of the Baltics. Riga’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city has more than 600 000 inhabitants, making it the largest city in the Baltic States.

Riga is also known as an architectural jewel – a city where you can see churches from the city’s origins, medieval buildings in the Old Town, unique examples of Art Nouveau, as well as wooden architecture that has survived the centuries and modern architectural jewels.

Permalink https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ-8UL1Irak

0:00 Intro
0:43 The Freedom Monument
1:22 The Latvian Riflemen Monument
1:35 The Museum of the Occupation
2:01 Market Square
2:17 The First Christmas Three Marker and The Statue of Roland
2:32 The House of Blackheads
3:20 The City Hall of Riga
3:35 Saint Peter’s Church
4:02 The Monument of Bremen Town Musicians
4:44 The Small Guild Hall
4:57 The Cat House
5:22 The Large Guild Hall
6:05 The Dome Square
6:49 The Riga Cathedral
7:11 The Church of Our Lady of Sorrows
7:26 The Riga Castle
7:51 The Three Brothers
8:21 Saeima / The Latvian Parliament
9:00 Narrowest Street of Old Town Riga
9:20 The Swedish Gate
9:58 The Powder Tower and The Coats of Arms of Latvian Municipalities Mural
10:34 City Park
11:02 The Latvian National Opera and Ballet
11:42 The University of Latvia
12:00 The Nativity of Christ Orthodox Cathedral
12:16 Daugava River and the Railway Bridge
12:47 Two Rainis by Aigars Bikše and The Latvian National Library
13:28 View of the Old Town from The National Library
14:14 The Riga Central Market
16:26 The Museum of the Riga Ghetto and Holocaust in Latvia
16:56 Lastadija Cultural neighborhood
17:06 The Latvian Academy of Sciences and The Panorama Riga

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